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Transport information

Your child will usually be transported on a school bus, accompanied by an escort. In some cases a taxi and escort may be provided.

In order to provide an adequate and efficient service for all children and their families, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the child is ready for school when the bus arrives in the morning. The driver is only allowed to wait for three minutes at each address. It will not normally be possible for the bus to return to collect a child who was not ready for school at the agreed pick up time.

We would ask you to appreciate that school transport can sometimes be delayed by adverse weather or by unexpected traffic conditions.

The bus escort must stay with the children at all times, and therefore cannot leave the bus to help a child move from the house to the bus.

When the bus arrives to drop off your child at the end of the school day, a parent or responsible adult who is known to the escort must be there to collect the child.

If your child is unwell and you do not want him or her to be picked up by the school bus, please phone the school around 8.00 am, and tell a member of the management team.

When you feel s/he is well enough to return, please follow the same procedure, calling before the end of the school day, so that transport can be organised for your child’s return.

* Please note that, except in the case of genuine emergency, any request for a change to transport arrangements must be made to the school no less than 5 days in advance.